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The Most Common Aluminium Windows Designs

Some of the factors that influence the use of aluminium windows are; safety, durability and versatility in designs.  Let us look at some of the most common aluminium windows designs.

The Double-hung Aluminium Windows: it is characterized by wide valiant sashes and frames similar to those of timber windows. This design can be fabricated on double or single glaze. Its sashes can be hinged into the room making it easy to clean on the outside.

Awning Aluminium Windows: To open, they push outwards from the bottom offering adequate ventilation and protection from rain. This design provides superior insulation and protection against harsh weather conditions. It is made up of robust sashes and frame to protect against harsh winds making it ideal for areas with high wind loads.

Casement Aluminium Windows: this window design is very popular, in that, it combines both contemporary and traditional house designs. They open in a side way manner to let in direct air and breeze. Casement windows are known for their capability to maintain high security as well as their general attractiveness.  They can be used in residential as well as commercial buildings.

Aluminium Louvre Windows: they are made up of an aluminium frame together with timber, glass or aluminium blades. With this type of window, one can easily control the amount of breeze getting into the house by just moving the blades to the required level.

Garden and Box Aluminium Windows: This is a combination of a middle picture window that is flanked by 2 casements tampered with a glass roof. It is ideal for in-home greenhouse that provides maximum air ventilation with reduced weather and sound transmission.

Factor to Consider when Choosing the Window Design

  • Aesthetics: it could be defined as the level of visibility and lighting that enters the building through the window. The width and depth of the window frame has a great impact on the window designs aesthetics quality.
  • Cost: the initial cost of the window frame, its durability and maintenance.
  • Structural and acoustical performance: This refers to the ability of the window design to provide adequate sound insulation and the general sturdiness to fight against harsh weather conditions.  This can be achieved through increased frame mass and use of perimeter infill.
  • Other factors include the environmental impact and energy efficiency

Most aluminium windows designs have been found to fulfill most of the above mentioned factors


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