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Aluminium Prodigy will provide an expert solution.

  • Aesthetics


    The width and depth of the window frame has a great impact on the window designs aesthetics quality.

  • Cost


    The initial cost of the window frame, its durability and maintenance are all things to consider, Aluminium Prodigy offer expert advice

  • Structural and acoustical performance

    Structural and acoustical performance

    This refers to the ability of the window design to provide adequate sound insulation and the general sturdiness to fight against harsh weather conditions. Let us guide you in the best choice.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    Aluminium Windows offer great energy efficiency and can greatly help environmental impact.

Aluminium Prodigy Aluminium Window Products

At Aluminium Prodigy we have a solution for any application. Let us know what you require and we can plan the best possible solution with you.

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Casement Windows

Casement Aluminium Windows

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Sliding Aluminium Windows








Aluminium Window Information:

For an aesthetically pleasing product that offers the best in design and durability, choose aluminium windows from Aluminium Prodigy today. Our wide range of aluminium windows in Johannesburg offers excellent sound insulation, as well as being completely impenetrable by the elements.

At Aluminium Prodigy we proudly offer a huge range of windows and other products at the best prices. So, if you’re looking for the most competitive aluminium window prices and products of the best quality, look no further than Aluminium Prodigy today.

We are ready and waiting to take your call, so chat to the professionals at Aluminium Prodigy today; for the best products at the best prices.

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Choose Aluminium Windows today

Thanks to the excellent features and benefits of aluminium, at Aluminium Prodigy we are certain it is the best material to choose for your home or commercial property. The benefits of aluminium doors include:

  • Aesthetics – the width and depth of the window frame offers an aesthetically pleasing design and quality.
  • Cost – the initial cost of the window frame, its long-lasting durability and easy maintenance, all contribute to its cost-effectiveness.
  • Structural and acoustical performance – aluminium window designs provide sound insulation and are offer strength of design against any weather conditions.
  • Energy efficiency – these window products offer great energy efficiency and thanks to their recyclable nature, can greatly help the environmental impact.


Widest Range of Aluminium Windows today

From double-hung windows to garden and box aluminium windows, at Aluminium Prodigy we offer the most common and most well-loved window designs available.

When it comes to window designs many factors influence the use of aluminium windows including safety, durability and versatility. The most common designs for aluminium windows in South Africa include:

  • The Double-hung Aluminium Windows – characterized by wide valiant sashes and frames similar to those of timber windows.
  • Awning Aluminium Windows – pushing outwards from the bottom, these windows offer adequate ventilation and protection from rain.
  • Casement Aluminium Windows – this window is very popular combining both contemporary and traditional design in one.
  • Aluminium Louvre Windows – made up of an aluminium frame together with timber, glass or aluminium blades.
  • Garden and Box Aluminium Windows – ideal for an in-home greenhouse that provides maximum air ventilation with reduced weather and sound transmission.


Aluminium Prodigy, the Best in the Business

At Aluminium Prodigy, our promise to our customers is to offer a wide variety of aluminium window products at the most competitive prices. We want our customers to know us by our quality products and excellent service.

Choose us for the best product range in Johannesburg.

Contact Aluminium Prodigy today, we will be happy to give you a quote right away or offer you a free call out to assess your needs too.



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