Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Vs uPVC Bi-Fold

If you’re considering installing large folding doors in your home, you’re probably wondering whether you should choose aluminium bi-fold doors or uPVC doors. Both materials can be used to make large concertina stacking doors, but which will be better for your home? We look at the pros and cons of both options. What is uPVC? […]

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

If you’re considering installing new windows in your home, or if you’re replacing your existing wooden or steel window frames, you need to put aluminium windows on your shopping list These sturdy, modern windows look great in any application and offer a number of benefits to the homeowner.  Why choose aluminium windows? Here are eight […]

Tips For Buying Patio Sliding Glass Doors

One quick and easy way to modernise your home is to install aluminium sliding doors. These beautiful doors make a big impact and are easy to maintain. Whether you’re looking for double sliding patio doors, or stacking sliding doors, Aluminium Prodigy can offer you an elegant, cost-effective and impactful solution. Before you take the leap and install […]

How to Clean Aluminium Shower Doors

If your shower doors are starting to look opaque and murky, there are probably two things to blame: soap scum and hard water. If you want to get the shine back in your glass, consider getting an off-the-shelf product that will get rid of the unwanted stains and scum, or try these really simple DIY […]

Why Aluminium Doors Are a Top Choice

If you’re considering installing new doors in your home, or replacing current doors, you are probably wondering if aluminium glass doors are a good choice. Here are six real advantages to installing aluminium doors in your home 1. Aluminium is sturdy and tough Aluminium glass doors are strong. Unlike wooden doors, aluminium doors won’t rot. […]

The benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

They add the ultimate modern edge to any home. Bi-fold doors are aluminium folding doors that stack up to create a seamless link between inside and outside. You may know them as zig-zag doors or concertina doors – but whatever you call them, you can be sure they make a statement in any home. 1. […]

Considerations When Buying a New Sliding Door

Sliding doors can create the perfect link between your indoor and outdoor space. If you’re thinking about installing new external sliding doors in your home, here’s what you need to consider before taking the plunge. What material should you choose for your external sliding doors? The material you use for your external sliding glass doors […]

Aluminium Showers – A Modern Bathroom

Aluminium Showers Modern technology has greatly changed the bathroom area.  Once a neglected area, it is now a common practice for people to have custom shower systems designed according to one’s needs and specifications.  The modern shower system comes with multiple functional hand showers and shower heads with fancy tiled surfaces.  To complete this luxurious […]

Aluminium Windows – Going Green

 Aluminium Windows  To come up with an energy efficient housing design requires maximum attention to details as well as proper planning. The material used and design used in windows  is considered to be a minor detail and is often overlooked by many when constructing their homes but what they don’t know is that it contributes […]